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Discography - CDs containing works for trombone ensemble (115)

(last updated December 1, 2021)


Each listing follows this format:


"Recording Title" - label/number

additional performers




Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra Trombones

"echoes.fantasies" - Jade JAD CD 1088 (available from CD Baby)

contains Eric Gross' Suite for Trombone Quartet

(Brendan Collins, Will Farmer, Gregory van der Struik, Damian Butler, trombones)


Australian Trombone Quartet (Michael Mulcahy, Scott Kinmont, Michael Bertoncello, Eric Klay, trombones)

"Full Circle" - available here

contains Stuart Campbell: At a Loss (Eric Klay, bass trombone; w/tape); Stuart Greenbaum: In Transit (Eric Klay, bass trombone); Barry McKimm: Trombone Quartet (Australian Trombone Quartet: Michael Mulcahy; alto trombone; Scott Kinmont, Michael Bertoncello, trombones; Eric Klay, bass trombone); Richard Mills: Sonata for Three Trombones and Two Percussion (Michael Mulcahy, Nick Byrne, trombones; Eric Klay, bass trombone; John Arcaro, timpani and percussion; Rob Cossom, percussion); David Stanhope: Four Concert Studies (Australian Trombone Quartet); Carl Vine: Love Song (Michael Mulcahy, trombone; w/tape); Martin Wesley-Smith: White Knight and Beaver (Michael Mulcahy, trombone; w/tape).


Bay Bones Trombone Choir

"Henry Brant" - New World Records NWCR827 (previously CRI CD 827)

"80 Trombones and 30 Basses" - New World Records NWCRL422 (same performance as above)

Henry Brant, conductor

contains a live recording of the premiere performance o Brant's Orbits: A Spatial Symphonic Ritual for 80 Trombones, Organ and Sopranino Voice


Bengt Eklund's Baroque Ensemble

"Courtly Trumpet Ensemble Music" - BIS-CD-217

contains Daniel Speer's Sonata in d minor 4 trombones and Sonata No. 1 for 3 trombones

(Ingemar Roos, Lars Eriksson, Ake Edelfors, Lars-Goran Carlsson, trombones)


Bergen Philharmonic Trombones

"Bruckner: Motets, etc." - Simax 9037

Bergen Cathedral Choir; Magnar Mangersnes, conductor

contains Anton Bruckner's Aequali for alto, tenor and bass trombones


The Bone Project (Bram Fournier, Jan Smets, Koen Severens, Geert de Vos, Lode Smeets, trombones)

"Belgian Trombone ID" - Etcetera KTC 1674

contains François-Joseph Fétis: Trombone Trio; Trombone Quartet; Trombone Quintet; Jef Maes: Fragment (for 4 trombones); Arthur Meulemans: Suite for 4 Trombones in C Major. Also contains several works for solo trombone, performed by Bram Fournier (see "Fournier, Bram" under "Solo Trombone CDs").


Brass Philharmonie Stuttgart

"Baroque Trombone and Brass Chamber" - Hänssler 98.985

contains Daniel Speer's Two Sonatas for three trombones. Also contains several works for trombone and organ, performed by Armin Rosin (see "Rosin, Armin" under "Solo Trombone CDs"). Also contains works for brass ensemble by Gabrieli, Koetsier, Lappi and Speer.


Concerto Palatino

"Effetti e Stravaganze" - Accent ACC 94102 D

contains Bartolomeo de Selma y Salaverde's Canzon à 2 tenori for two trombones and continuo

(Charles Toet, Wim Becu, baroque trombones)

"Heinrich Schütz: Symphoniae Sacrae I, SWV 257-276" - Accent ACC 9178/79 D (2-CDs)

contains Schütz' Fili mi, Absalon, SWV 269 and Attendite, popule meus, SWV 270 for four trombones and bass voice

"Il Concerto Palatino di Bologna" - Accent ACC 8861 D

contains C. Gussago's Sonata à 4 La Rizza for four trombones

(Charles Toet, Sue Addison, Harry Ries, Wim Becu, trombones)


Continental Trombone Quartet

"Nature Is: Music of Cindy Cox" - Albany Records TROY955

contains Cox's Nature Is for amplified trombone quartet and live electronics

(Doug Farwell, Peter Madsen, Mark Sheridan-Rabideau, Steve Wilson, trombones)


The Culture Quartet (Folke Rabe, Jan Bark, Jörgen Johansson, Runo Ericksson, trombones)

"Folke Rabe/Jan Bark: ARGH!" - Kning Disk KD 006 (co-released on Håll Tjäften Tjäft 010)

contains Rabe/Bark's Bolos for 4 trombones


Daniel Speer Trombone Consort

"Benedicta es, celorum regina - Renaissance in the Netherlands" - Erasmus WVH 249

contains Adriaan Willaert's Beatus Stephanus for 4 trombones. The rest of the CD contains works for choir and trombones.

(Frans Theeuwen, Gert-Jan Rongen, Hans Mooren, Joost Swinkels, trombones)

"Daan Manneke: Archipel" - Erasmus WVH 066

contains Manneke's Carre (De Temps en Temps) for 4 trombones

(Gerard de Krom, Gert-Jan Rongen, Hans Mooren, Toine Weterings, trombones)

"Jan Van der Roost: Music for Brass" - DHM 10.003-3

contains Van der Roost's Chemical Suite for 4 trombones

"Sculpting the Air: Modern Works for Wind Instruments" - Navona Records NV5852

contains Jan Van der Roost's Chemical Suite for 4 trombones. Also contains Richard Crosby's Sonata for Trombone and Piano, Op. 1 (performed by Ken Haddix)


Filharmonia Narodowa Trombone Quartet

"The New Polish Music Panorama - II" - Acte Préalable AP0008

contains Wojciech Lukaszewski's Trombone Quartet


His Ain Draucht Trumpets

"Locking Horns" - British Music Label EML 029

contains the following compositions by Etienne Rolin: Beastly Brothers (carnyx, trombone quartet); Wood and Brass Rituel (alto and tenor trombones, marimba). Also contains several other works by Rolin for solo trombone or carnyx, performed by John Kenny (see "Kenny, John" under "CDs containing works for Solo Trombone").


His Majesties Sagbutts and Cornetts

"His Majesties Sagbutts and Cornetts Grand Tour" - Hyperion CDA66847

contains Marini's Sonata à quattro tromboni

"Music from 17th Century Germany" - Meridian CDE 84096

contains Johannes Braun's Canzonato and Johann Schein's Padouana for 4 sackbuts and organ, and Heinrich Schütz' Fili mi Absalon for 4 sackbuts, bass voice and organ

(Susan Addison, Richard Cheetham, Paul Nieman, Stephen Saunders, sackbuts)


Hohenlohe Brass Trombone Ensemble

"10 Jahre Hohenlohe Brass - Saugut!" - Hohenlohe Brass Trombone Ensemble

contains Josquin Desprez' Motette for 3 trombones

(Patrick Crossland, Christof Schmidt, Andy Strain, trombones)


Hora Decima Brass Ensemble

"Hora Decima Brass Ensemble" - Summit DCD 363

David Chamberlain, conductor

contains Janko Nilovic's Double Concerto pour Trombones

(Joseph Alessi and James Markey, guest soloists; Bradley Ward, Robert Suttmann, Jeff Nelson, Brian Mahany, Joel Shelton, trombones)


Ithaca College Trombone Troupe

"Paul Goldstaub: I am Prospero and other instrumental works"

contains Goldstaub's Venetian Echoes for trombone choir


London Brass

"Gabrieli in Venice" - Teldec 90856

contains Massaino's Canzon 33 per otto tromboni


London Gabrieli Brass Ensemble

"Original 19th Century Music for Brass" - Hyperion CDA66470

contains Beethoven's Drei Equale for 4 trombones

"From the Steeples and the Mountains" - Hyperion CDA66517

contains Charles Ives' Processional: Let There Be Light for 4 trombones, organ and violins

(James Casey, Christopher Mowat, Michael Hext, Peter Harvey, trombones)


Mainz Cathedral Brass Ensemble

"Music for Organ & Brass" - Motette 20211

contains Guilmant's Morceau Symphonique for trombone


Malmö Brass Ensemble; Swedish Brass Quintet

"Music for Brass Ensemble" - BIS-CD-248

contains Raymond Premru's Tissington Variations for 4 trombones

(Roger Lindberg, Leif Andersson, Mogens Andresen, Anders Hansson, trombones)


MassiliaTrombone (André Vaïsse, Marc Dorel, Christian Ballaz, Alain Delzant, trombones)

"Henri Tomasi: Requiem pour la paix; Fanfares liturgiques" - Marco Polo 8.225067 & Naxos 8.554223

contains Tomasi's Être ou ne pas être for solo bass trombone and 3 trombones (Alain Delzant, solo b. trb.)


Millar Brass Ensemble

"A Chicago Brass Tradition" - Koss Classics KC-1011

Bruce C. Briney, conductor

contains Alfred Hornoff's Suite for Four Trombones

(Michael Becker, Mark Fisher, Susan Smith, Roy Takamoto, Jeff Taylor, trombones)


New Japan Philharmony Symphony Trombone Quartet (Nobuko Miyashita, Shinji Koga, Akira Kuwata, Kachishi Kadowaki, trombones)

"Trumpets & Trombones" - TOCZ-9261

contains R. Chapman: Suite of Three Cities; Désiré Dondeyne: Suite; Jan Koetsier: Cinq Impromptus, Op. 55; David Uber: Three Miniatures. Also contains works for trumpet ensemble.


New Trombone Collective (Alexander Verbeek, Alex Garcia, Dani Quiles Cascant, alto trombones; Sebastiaan Kemner, José Luna Agudo, Vanessa Bailen, tenor trombones; Brandt Attema, Mark Boonstra, Roel Avonds, bass trombones)

"Christian Lindberg 2017" - BIS-CD-2418

Antwerp Symphony Orchestra; Christian Lindberg, conductor

contains Lindberg's The Waves of Wollongong for nine trombones and orchestra. Also contains Lindberg's Liverpool Lullabies for trombone, percussion and orchestra (see "Lindberg, Christian" under "CDs with Trombone Solos").


The New York Cornet and Sacbut Ensemble

"Alleluia: Chorale Settings by Michael Praetorius" - Newport Classic NCD 60021

Ben Peck, director

contains Praetorius' Resonet in laudibus for soprano, organ and sacbuts

"When Heaven Came to Earth: German Brass Music from the Baroque" - Newport Classic NPD 85562

contains Daniel Speer's Sonata for 3 Sacbuts and Sonata for 4 Sacbuts

(Ben Peck, Ronald Borror, Terry Pierce, David Titcomb, sacbuts)


Northern Trombone Quartet

"Hallé Brass Play Gregson" - Doyen 038

contains Edward Gregson's Sonata for Four Trombones

(Andrew Berryman, Chris Houlding, Robert Holliday, Paul Milner, trombones)


Pacific Trombone Quartet

"Northern Soundings: Music for Trombone by Canadian Composers" - Lassus Audio LP-CD314

contains Malcolm Forsyth: Quartet 61; Elizabeth Raum: Processional Fanfare; Kevin Thompson: Canadian Folk Song Suite. Also contains several works for solo trombone, performed by Brad Howland (see "Howland, Brad" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(Brad Howland, Don McDougall, Kevin Thompson, Bob Fraser, trombones)


Philip Jones Brass Ensemble

"Baroque Brass" - London 425 727-2

contains Daniel Speer's Sonata for 3 trombones and Sonata for 4 trombones

(John Iveson, Roger Brenner, David Purser, Raymond Premru, trombones)


Posaunenquintett Berlin; Potsdamer Turmbläser; Berliner Blechbläserquintett

"Musik für Blechbläser" - Ars Vivendi 2100162

contains works by Cesare and Hidas for 4 trombones, and works by Khatchaturian, Poulheim and Speer for 4 trombones and tuba

(Wilfried Helm, Ralf Zank, Norman Reichelt, Jörg Lehmann, trombones)


Le Quatuor de Trombones de Paris

"French Bel Canto Trombone" - ADDA 581247

contains Jules Cohen: Andantino; Sigismund Neukomm: March funèbre; March religieuse for 4 trombones. Also contains several works for trombone and piano, performed by Benny Sluchin (see "Sluchin, Benny" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(Michel Becquet, Jacques Fourquet, Alain Manfrin, Gilles Millière, trombones)


The Royal Danish Brass Ensemble

"Cascade" - Rondo RCD 8352

contains works by Gabrieli, Marini and Speer for 4 trombones, and a work by Holmboe for 3 trombones and tuba

(Torbjörn Kroon, Keld Jørgensen, Jan Mortensen, Lars Haugaard, trombones)


Les Saqueboutiers de Toulouse

"La Sacqueboute" - Ambroisie AMB 9929

contains Dario Castello's Sonata 4 and Andrea Falconiero's Passacaille & Ciaccona for 2 sackbuts and continuo. Also contains Diego Ortiz's Ricercar for sackbut and continuo.

(Michel Becquet, Daniel Lassalle, Wim Becu, sackbuts)

"Toulouse Saqueboutiers" - Erato 4509-96964-2

contains Schütz' Fili mi, Absalon, SWV 269 for four trombones and bass voice from Symphoniae Sacrae



"Music for Brass Septet" - Naxos 8.573314

contains Anton Bruckner's Two Aequali for three trombones

(Matthew Gee, Matthew Knight, Dan West, trombones)


Slokar Trombone Quartet

"Bruckner: Motets" - Ex Libris CD 6009

Kammerchor Zürich; Johannes Fuchs, director

contains Anton Bruckner's Aequali for alto, tenor and bass trombones


Sydney Brass

"Sydney Brass Plays Stanhope" - Tall Poppies TP199

contains David Stanhope's Four Concert-Studies for four trombones and The Little Ripper March for seven trombones


Symphony Brass of Chicago

"Christmas with the Symphony Brass of Chicago" - VOX 7501

contains some pieces for trombone quartet. Also contains several pieces for brass ensemble.

(Jay Friedman, Michael Mulcahy, Nicholas Byrne, Charles Vernon, trombones)


Tokyo Trombone Solisten

"The Art of Trombonist Mikio Wada, Vol. 2" - Pro Arte Musicae PAMP-1017

contains J.S. Bach: Chaconne in d minor, BWV 1004 for trombone quartet. Also contains several works for trombone and piano/organ, performed by Mikio Wada (see "Wada, Mikio" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(Mikio Wada, Hiroshi Kurata, Masaaki Goka, Masayuki Matsubara, trombones)


Trombone Quartet of the "G.Dima" Academy of Music

"Contemporary Music from Transylvania" - Hungaroton HCD 31636

contains Péter Szegö's Signals for 4 trombones and percussion

(Mircea Neamtu, Eusebiu Sandu, János Dávid, Gheorghe Petean, trombones)


Trombone Unit 2000

"Christian Lindberg and friends play Christian Lindberg" - BIS-CD-1148

contains Frederik Högberg: The Ballad of Kit Bones (6 trbs); Christian Lindberg: An Awfully Ugly Tune (6 trbs); Catmania (2 trbs); Doctor Decker - the Dentist (4 trbs); Fafner Fanfare for Four Frogs (4 trbs); Kinky Creatures (4 trbs); Salute to a Sausage Society (3 trbs); Under the Pillow (4 trbs). Also contains three works for solo trombone, performed by Christian Lindberg (see "Lindberg, Christian" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(Christian Lindberg, Sven-Erik Eriksson, Jonas Bylund, Håkan Björkman, Jessica Gustavsson, Lars Westergren, trombones)


University of Illinois Trombone Ensemble

"Zack Browning: Banjaxed" - Capstone Records CPS-8697

contains Browning's GridRock for trombone ensemble

(Eliza Feller, Barry Hearn, David Herring, Jerry Hou, Peter Madsen, Mark Rabideau, Jason Schmink, Michael Smith, Nathan Suh, Sean Timmons, Rocco Quaranta, Steve Wilson, trombones; Elliot Chasanov, conductor)



"2013 Midwest Clinic: Brooklyn Wind Symphony" - Mark Records 50862-MCD

Brooklyn Wind Symphony; Jeff W. Ball, conductor

contains the third movement of Eric Ewazen's Triple Concerto arranged by Virginia Allen for three trombones and wind ensemble.

(Jonathan Lombardo, Timothy Smith, Jeffrey Dee, trombones)

"2013 Texas Music Educators Association Clinic/Convention" - Mark Records 50457-MCD

The Texas A&M University-Commerce Wind Ensemble; Phillip L. Clements, conductor

contains Michael Daugherty's Rosa Parks Boulevard for 3 trombones and symphonic band

(Jimmy Clark, Bret Ryan, Alex Castro, trombones)

"21st International Trombone Workshop" - Hochschule für Musik Detmold HSD 003

2 CD set contains live recordings of solos and ensembles by a variety of performers, classical and jazz (1992)

(limited edition release - NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

"The 71st Annual Midwest Clinic 2017: The Alabama Winds" - Mark Records 53014-MCD

Alabama Winds; Randall Coleman, conductor

contains James Stephenson's 3 Bones: No. 3. Hip for three trombones and band

Joseph Alessi, Peter Ellefson, Jonathan Whitaker, trombones

"75 Jahre Donaueschinger Musiktage 1921-1996" - Col Legno 31899 (12-CD set)

contains Igor Stravinsky's In memoriam Dylan Thomas for tenor, 4 trombones and string quartet. Also contains Jörg Herchet's Komposition for trombone, baritone and orchestra (see "Rosin, Armin" under "CDs with Trombone Solos").

(Otto Heinl, Werner Michel, Ferdinand Winkelsträter, Hans Mayr, trombones)

"Alois Hába: Centenary" - Supraphon 11 1865-2

contains Hába's Suite, Op. 71 for four quarter-tone trombones

(Zdenek Pulec, Rudolf Suk, Bohumil Bydzovsky, Karel Kucera, trombones)

"American Byways: The Music of Michael Daugherty" - Equilibrium EQ112

University of Central Oklahoma Wind Symphony; Brian Lamb, conductor

contains Michael Daugherty's Rosa Parks Boulevard for 3 trombones and symphonic band

(Wayne Clark, Jeff Kidwell, Kent Kidwell, trombones)

"Anthology" - Polyphonic QPRL 076D

contains Trad., arr. Bill Reichenbach: Scarborough Fair; Trad., arr. Rob Willis: Bluesleeves; Gareth Wood: Four Pieces for trombone quartet. Also contains several works for solo trombone and brass band, performed by Nick Hudson (see "Hudson, Nick" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(Nick Hudson, Mike Fowles, John Barber, Simon Chappel, trombones)

"Bernhard Krol: Pezzi Profani" - Audite 95.434

contains Krol's Pezzo Armonico, Op. 95 for four trombones

(Carsten Kittan, Ulrike Selig, Oliver Liebert, Dirk Prochotta, trombones)

"Brahms & Bruckner: Motets" - Signum Classics SIGCD430

Tenebrae; Nigel Short, director

contains Anton Bruckner's Aequali for three trombones

(Patrick Jackman, Mark Templeton, Helen Vollam, trombones)

"Brass Baroque Delights" - Slovart Records SR 0023

Bratislava Chamber Soloists; Rik Ghesqulère, conductor

contains Frantisek Ignac Tuma's Sonata in e minor for two trombones. Also contains 2 other works for solo trombone, performed by Albert Hrubovcák (see "Hrubovcák, Albert" under "CDs containing works for solo trombone").

(Albert Hrubovcák, Jan Hrubovcák, trombones)

"Brass Ensemble [I] Original Collection" - VICG-50042

contains Arthur Frackenpohl's Pop Suite No. 3 (mvts. 1 & 2 only), Claude Gervaise's Suite, and Gyorgy Tibor's Introduzione - Tema e Variazioni, Op. 13a (Var. 5, & 8 only) for four trombones

"Brass Ensemble [II] Classic Collection" - VICG-50043

contains Claude Debussy's Trois Chansons (Dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder! & Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain)

"Bruckner: Mass No. 2; Motets" - Conifer CDCF 192

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Chorus and Winds; Halsey, conductor

contains Anton Bruckner's Aequali for alto, tenor and bass trombones

"Bruckner: Masses; Te Deum" - Hyperion CDS 44071/3

Corydon Singers, Corydon Orchestra, ECO Wind Ensemble; Matthew Best, conductor

contains Anton Bruckner's Aequali for alto, tenor and bass trombones

"Bruckner: Messe en mi mineur; Motets" - harmonia mundi HMC 901322

La Chapelle Royale, Collegium Vocale, Ensemble Musique Oblique; Philippe Herreweghe, conductor

contains Anton Bruckner's Aequali for alto, tenor and bass trombones

"Bruckner: Sacred Choral Works" - Hyperion CDA 66177

Corydon Singers, ECO Wind Ensemble; Matthew Best, conductor

contains Anton Bruckner's Aequali for alto, tenor and bass trombones

(Colin Sheen, Roger Brenner, Phillip Brown, trombones)

"Canzone - Saqueboute et orgue à l'Abbaye Saint-Wandrille"

contains the following works for two sackbuts and organ: Girolamo Frescobaldi: Canzone in g minor; J. Pezel: Sonatina in C Major. Also contains several works for sackbut and organ, performed by Jacques Mauger (see "Mauger, Jacques" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(Jacques Mauger, Frantz Couvez, sackbuts)

"Charles Wuorinen: Choral Works" - Koch 37336-2

New York Virtuoso Singers, Minnesota Chorale, Minnesota Orchestra; Charles Wuorinen, Edo de Waart, conductors

contains Wuorinen's Mass for the restoration of St. Luke in the Fields for chorus, violin, 3 trombones and organ

(Joseph Alessi, James Pugh, David Taylor, trombones)

"Choral Works of Anton Bruckner" - Albany TROY 063

The Roberts Wesleyan College Chorale and Brass Ensemble; Robert Shewan, conductor

contains Anton Bruckner's Aequali for alto, tenor and bass trombones

(Jean Raffard, Thierry Guilbert, Ludovic Milhiet, trombones)

"Claude Chevaillier, Bass Trombone" - Symphony Land (74, quai de Jemmapes, 75019 Paris. Tel. 42 02 02 85; Fax. 42 38 14 96)

contains Henri Tomasi: Être ou ne pas être for solo bass trombone and 3 trombones. Also contains several works for solo bass trombone, performed by Claude Chevaillier (see "Chevaillier, Claude" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(Vince Lepape, Nicolas Valade, Laurent Fouqueray, Claude Chevaillier, trombones)

"Distilled in Kentucky: Premieres from the Bluegrass State" - Mark Custom Recording Services 6739-MCD

University of Kentucky Wind Ensemble; John Cody Birdwell, conductor

contains Michael Daugherty's Rosa Parks Boulevard for 3 trombones and symphonic band

(Lee Blakeman, Valerie Evans, Jared Staub, trombones)

"Donaueschinger Musiktage 1997" - Col Legno 20026 (3-CD set)

contains Peter Ablinger's IEAOV (Instrumente und ElektroAkustisch Ortsbezongene Verdichtung) for 2 trombones and 2 cellos

(Mike Svoboda, Andrew Digby, trombones)

"Ein Konzert in St. Lorenz/Nurnberg: Posaune - Orgel - Chor" - Motette CD50661

contains the following works for 4 trombones: Pierre-Max Dubois: Quatuor; Zsolt Gardonyi: Fantasie (w/organ); Robert Helmschrott: Pax (w/choir); Frigyes Hidas: Scherzo e Chorale; Michael Praetorius: Französische Tänze; Daniel Speer: Sonata in d minor (w/organ). Also contains several works for trombone and organ, performed by Gabor Hegedüs (see "Hegedüs, Gabor" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(trombone quartet directed by Gabor Hegedüs)

"Ewazen, Lebens & Eklund Play Ewazen" - Albany Records TROY954

contains Eric Ewazen's Eaglehawk for Trombone Trio. Also contains several works by Ewazen for solo trombone, performed by James Lebens (see "Lebens, James" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(James Lebens, Yvan Moreau, tenor trombones; Michael Priddy, bass trombone)

"Experiments in Music" - Air-ev Productions AIR-EV 72724

Frequency Band Trombone Choir; Norman Bolter, conductor

contains Norman Bolter's Battle of Life for trombone choir, and Ancient Twinkle Appearing for three trombones. Also contains other works by Bolter for solo trombone. (1997)

(Norman Bolter, Darren Acosta, Mark Cantrell, trombones)

"Fancy Free" - d'Note DND1033

contains Henri Tomasi: Être ou ne pas être for solo bass trombone and 3 trombones. Also contains several works for solo bass trombone, performed by Blair Bollinger (see "Bollinger, Blair" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(Nitzan Haroz, Eric Carlson, Philip McClelland, Blair Bollinger, trombones)

"Fede e Amor: Baroque Music with Trombones from the Viennese Imperial Court" - Ramée RAM 1304

Alex Potter, countertenor; Ensemble La Fontaine

contains Antonio Caldara: "Così a fiume" from Joaz (CM, tenor); "Languire, morire" from Morte e sepoltura di Christo (SVM, tenor); Pietro Casati: Salve Regina (CM, alto; SVM, tenor); Francesco Bartolomeo Conti: "Fuggo d'una in altra selva" from Il David perseguitato da Saul (SVM, alto); Ignazio Maria Conti: "Se potesse la mia mente" from La Distruzione d'Haj (no trombones); Johann Joseph Fux: "Dal limbo già ti chiama" from Jesu Christo nell'orto (CM, tenor); Sonata a 3, E 68 (SVM, tenor); Sonata a 3, K 365 (CM, tenor); Sonata a 3, K 379 (no trombones); Giuseppe Porsile: "La sovrana eterna mente" from Il Trionfo di Giuditta (SVM, alto); František Ignác Tůma: Sonata a 2 violini e 2 Tromboni in Conc. (SVM, alto; CM, tenor); Marc Antonio Ziani: Alma Redemptoris Mater (SVM, alto; CM, tenor).

(Catherine Motuz, Simen Van Mechelen, baroque trombones)

"Festliche Bläsermusik des Barock" - Archiv 459 262-2

Ensemble Musica Antiqua, Wien; René Clemencic, conductor

contains Daniel Speer's Sonate d-moll für 4 Posaunen und Generalbaß and Samuel Scheidt's Cantus VI: Paduana à 4 aus "Paduana, Galliarda, Couranta, Allemanda"

"František Tuma: Orchestrální skladby" - Supraphon VT 8679-2

Prague Chamber Orchestra; Petr Škvor, conductor

contains Tuma's Sonata for Two Trombones and Strings in E minor

(Zdenek Pulec, Ladislav Odcházel, trombones)

"Full Power" - Contrapunctus Brass Ensembles CBE 5315

contains Harald Genzmer's 12 Duets for two trombones. Also contains 2 other works for solo trombone, performed by Todd Schendel (see "Schendel, Todd" under "CDs containing works for solo trombone").

(Todd Schendel, Carl Lenthe, trombones)

"Girolamo Frescobaldi: Canzoni, Capricci e Ricercari" - Claves CD 9104

Quatuor de cuivres Novus

contains Frescobaldi's Canzona decimaseta detta la Saminiata a due Bassi for two trombones and organ

(Jacques Henry, Philippe Krüttli, trombones)

"Grammont Sélection 4" - Musiques Suisses MGB CTS-M 130 (2-CD set)

contains Roland Moser's Vorrede for alto trombone, bass trombone and percussion

(Domenico Catalano, Johan Baptist Stocker, trombones)

"Guide des Instruments de la Renaissance" - Ricercar RIC 95001/A-C (3 CDs)

contains Anonymous' Pavana El todescho and Saltarello El marchese di Saluzzo for 4 sackbuts

(Jean-Jacques Herbin, Serge Guillou, Frank Poitrineau, Simen van Mechelen, sackbuts)

"Heinrich Schütz: Symphoniae Sacrae I" - CPO 777929 (2-CD set)

Weser-Renaissance Bremen

contains Schütz' Fili mi, Absalon, SWV 269 and Attendite, popule meus, SWV 270 for four trombones and bass voice

(Simen van Mechelen, Adam Woolf, Detlef Reimers, Joost Swinkels, trombones)

"Hindemith on Trombone" - Boston Brass Series BB1002

contains Paul Hindemith: Morgenmusik (trans. by Torsten Edvar for four trombones); Six Chansons (trans. by Glenn Dodson for four trombones); Stücke for Bassoon and Cello (for trombone and bass trombone). Also contains several works for solo trombone, performed by Ronald Barron (see "Barron, Ronald" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(Ronald Barron, Lawrence Isaacson, Scott Hartman, Douglas Yeo, trombones)

"Iancu Dumitrescu: Pierres Sacrees, etc." - Edition Modern EDMN 1003

Orchestre National de Roumanie; Iosif Conta, conductor

contains Dumitrescu's Harryphonies (Epsilon) for 2 trombones, tuba and contrabass

(Barrie Webb, Victor Arsene, trombones)

"Irwin Bazelon: Bazz Ma Tazz" - Albany Records TROY1089

contains Bazelon's Bazz Ma Tazz (Aspen Percussion Ensemble & Trombone Choir; Jonathan Haas, conductor); Triple Play (David Taylor, bass trombone; James Pugh, tenor trombone; Jonathan Haas, percussion)

"James Mulcro Drew: Animating Degree Zero" - New World Records 80687-2

The Barton Workshop

contains Drew's Bonaroo Breaks (Street Funeral Music) for two trombones and drums (Hilary Jeffery and James Fulkerson, trombones). Also contains Drew's In Memoriam J.C. Higginbottom for trombone and digital reverberation (James Fulkerson, trombone).

"Jon Øivind Ness: Fierce Kentucky Mothers of Doom" - Aurora ACD 5069

Norwegian Radio Orchestra; Thomas Rimul, conductor

contains Ness' Fierce Kentucky Mothers of Doom for 2 trombones and 2 ensembles

(Sverre Riise, Marius Hesby, trombones)

"Kabala" - MMC Recordings MMC 2087

contains Matthew H. Fields' Call of the Shofar for four trombones

"Kaleidoscope: Chamber Music of Peter Blauvelt" - Zimbel Records ZR116

contains Blauvelt's Kaleidoscope for trombone quartet

(Dwight Decker, David Manson, Ken Thompkins, Jim Hall, trombones)

"Ketil Hvoslef: Chamber Works No. VI" - Lawo Classics LWC1180

contains Hvoslef's Trombone Quartet

(Clare Farr, Audun Breen, Petter Winroth, Sverre Riise, trombones)

"László Dubrovay: Brummadza's Dance - Chamber Music for Brass and Woodwind" - Hungaroton HCD 32002

contains Dubrovay's Quartet for trombones

"Meditation" - Amadeus AMSCD 059

contains the following works for 3 trombones: Anton Bruckner: Zwei Aequale; Raymond Premru: Two Pieces for Three Trombones; Edward Watson: Meditation. Also contains several works for solo trombone, performed by Brett Baker (see "Baker, Brett" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(Brett Baker, Gary McPhee, Adrian Hirst, trombones)

"Michael Haydn: Concerto in D Major for 2 Trombones and Orchestra" - Camerata CMCD-28030

Wiener Concert-Verein; Yun-Sung Chang, conductor

contains Michael Haydn's Concertino (Adagio and Allegro molto) for two trombones and orchestra. Also contains Leopold Mozart's Trombone Concerto (performed by Otmar Gaiswinkler).

(Otmar Gaiswinkler, Walter Voglmayr, trombones)

"Musik für das Bürgertum: Instrumentalmusik der Schütz-Zeit" - harmonia mundi HMC 05472 77183 2

Musica Fiata

contains Samuel Scheidt's Canzon for four trombones

(Yuji Fujimoto, Detlef Reimers, Peter Sommer, Henning Plumeyer, sackbuts)

"Mythic Themes for Symphonic Windorchestra" - World Wind Music WWM 500.152

De Koninklijke Harmonie van Thorn; Norbert Nozy, conductor

contains Christian Lindberg's Mandrake in the Corner for two trombones and wind orchestra

(Bart Claessens, Jörgen van Rijen, trombones)


contains Anton Bruckner: Vexilla Regis; Locus Iste (alto/tenor/bass/contrabass trbs); Ilja Reijngoud: Mr. Roberts (3 trbs/2 btrbs); John Stevens; The Chief (5 trbs/2 btrbs); Henri Tomasi: Être ou ne pas être (solo btrb w/3 trbs); Nick Woud: Dances (trb/btrb). Also contains several works for solo bass trombone, performed by Ben van Dijk (see "van Dijk, Ben" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

"Niels Marthinsen: Snapshot Symphony" - DaCapo 8.226545

Aarhus Symphony Orchestra; Christian Lindberg, conductor

contains Marthinsen's Concerto for Three Trombones and Orchestra "In the Shadow of the Bat"

(Håkan Björkman, Jörgen van Rijen, trombones; Stefan Schulz, bass trombone)

"Occurrences" - Air-ev Productions AIR-EV 72890

contains the following works by Norman Bolter: For solo tenor trombone: Faces - Finding It & Within & Look Mom No Hands; Impressions - Avebury Impressions; Indian Sand Painting; Swallows - Happy 75th John & After a Call. For trombone and piano: Morning Walk (t.trb.); Sagittarius 2 (b.trb.). For 2 tenor trombones: Appearance - Welcoming the Goddess & Abide with Me; The Archer; Occurrence. For tenor trombone and bass trombone: La Grotter Cosquer; In Ceremony. Other ensembles: The Blue of Neptune (Solo bass trb. w/tenor trb. trio); Persian Immortals (2 tenor-horns & 2 tenor trbs.).

(various combinations of Norman Bolter, Darren Acosta, Mark Cantrell, John Faieta, Jim Nova, Douglas Wright, Douglas Yeo, trombones)

"Oeuvres du XXème Siècle" - Éditions Passions EP041001 (w/wind ensemble)

Orchestre d'Harmonie des Gardiens de La Paix de la Préfecture de Police de Paris; Philippe Ferro, conductor

contains Frigyes Hidas' Florida Concerto for Tenor and Bass Trombones (Jean Raffard, trombone; Vincent Debès, bass trombone). Also contains several works for solo trombone, performed by Jean Raffard (see "Raffard, Jean" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

"Osias Wilenski: Triptych" - Navona Records NV5824

contains Wilenski's Diversions for Three Trombones

(David Morales, David Rejano, Luis Bellver, trombones)

"Pavel Josef Vejvanovský: Brass, Strings and Organ" - Gega GD 136

Simfonieta Chamber Orchestra; Andrei Andreev, conductor

contains Vejvanovský's Sonata La Posta for three trombones, organ and chamber orchestra. Also contains Vejvanovský's Sonata Tribus quadrantibus for violin, trumpet, trombone and organ (Vassil Todorov, trombone).

(Stanislav Petrov, Ivailo Hristov, Vassil Todorov, trombones)

"Per Nørgård: Works for Brass" - ClassicO Records CLASSCD 730

contains Nørgård's Massiver - krystaller - kaskader (Massifs - Crystals - Cascades) for 12 trombones

(Bettina Jensen, Niels-Ole Bo Johansen, Rolf Sandmark, Louise Lau Grunnet, Ida Hoyde, Andres Kontus, Robert Moss, Henrik Resen, Jacob Ringsmose, Jesper Busk Sorensen, Jens Vind, Ellen Wemmelund, trombones; Soren K. Hansen, conductor)

"Philip Corner: Extreme Positions" - New World 80659-2 (2 CDs)

The Barton Workshop

Disc 1 contains the following works by Philip Corner: An Earth Breath Trilogy for solo trombone (performed by James Fulkerson); attempting whitenesses for 2 trombones; Big Trombone for solo trombone improvised over tape collage (performed by James Fulkerson); Calling! OM ("from the '70s") for 2 trombones and piano; For 2 Trombones No. 2 for 2 trombones; One Note More Than Once (A) for solo trombone (performed by Hilary Jeffery); One Note More Than Once (B) for solo trombone (performed by Hilary Jeffery); Round Sound for multi-track trombone (performed by Hilary Jeffery).

(James Fulkerson, Hilary Jeffery, trombones)

"Prairie Brass - Brass Music by Roger Deegan" - Arktos 97023

contains Deegan's Three Trombone Quartets

(Colin Haydu, John Ceri Jones, Kathy Turnock, Ken Read, trombones)

"Proof" - KOCD 2511

contains Yoichi Murata: Slash Point for trombone ensemble. Also contains several works for solo trombone, performed by Ko-ichiro Yamamoto (see "Yamamoto, Ko-ichiro" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(Ko-ichiro Yamamoto, Yoichi Murata, Mike Boschen, Mike Davis, David Taylor, trombones)

"The Retirement Concert - April 6, 2001" - Equilibrium EQ45 (2-CD set)

University of Michigan Symphony Band; H. Robert Reynolds, conductor

contains Michael Daugherty's Rosa Parks Boulevard for 3 trombones and band

(David Lee Jackson, Alexandra Zacharella, Garrett Méndez, trombones)

"Sándor Veress: Works" - Musiques Suisses 6132

North Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Miskolc; János Mészáros, conductor

contains Veress' Tromboniade - Concerto for Two Trombones and Orchestra

(Armin Bachmann, Branimir Slokar, trombones)

"Stravinsky & Friends" - Mark Records 6565-MCD

University of Florida Wind Symphony; David A. Waybright, conductor

contains Michael Daugherty's Rosa Parks Boulevard for 3 trombones and band

(Moises Paiewonsky, Joel Brown, Stephanie Mair, trombones)

"Taylor Made" - GIA Windworks CD-1039

North Texas Wind Symphony; Eugene Migliaro Corporon, conductor

contains James M. Stephenson's Three Bones Concerto

(Tony Baker, Natalie Mannix, Steven Menard, trombones)

"Trilogy" - Octavia Records Cryston OVCC-00125

contains the following works for two trombones and piano: Felix Mendelssohn, ed. F. Killian: Four Songs Without Words; Jean-François Michel: Trilogy; John Glenesk Mortimer: Carmen Fantasy. Also contains several works for solo trombone (see "Shimizu, Mayumi" and "Slokar, Branimir" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

(Mayumi Shimizu, Branimir Slokar, trombones)

"Trombonarama: A Trombone Extravaganza" - Emeritus Recordings 20073

contains Sy Brandon: Tapestries for Trombone Quintet (Sara Albert, Tzu-Yang Chou, Henry Henninger, John McClave, Justin Clark, trombones); Stephen Jean: Two Moods for trombone choir (The University of Massachusetts at Amherst Trombone Choir; David Sporny, director). Also contains several works for solo trombone (see "Various" under "Solo Trombone CDs").

"Symphonic Excursions" - Klavier Music Productions K 11127

North Texas Wind Symphony; Eugene Corporon, conductor

contains Henk Alkema's Sunset Jericho for 8 trombones and wind ensemble

(David Applegate, Tyrone Block, James Dikes, Terrence Lysak, Andrea Neumann, Mitsuro Saito, Dan West, Garrett Wolter, trombones)

"Works by Robert Erickson, Harvey Sollberger, Peter Westergaard, Phillip Rhodes, Edwin Dugger" - New World 80563-2

contains Erickson's Ricercar à 5 for 5 Trombones

(Stuart Dempster, Lawrence Dwyer, Frank Harmantas, Lynn Newton, Paul Vander Gheynst, trombones)