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The Canadian Trombone Project


This project is an extension of my research for the DMA program in performance at the University of Toronto, where my dissertation was an annotated bibliography of Canadian solo trombone music. This resource will soon be available in a searchable internet database that will expand on, and replace my List of Canadian Compositions for Trombone. The database will be continually updated to include recently composed and discovered solo, chamber and ensemble works for trombone. I am hoping to include every Canadian trombone piece ever composed! In the meantime, feel free to

Download the bibliography here

Info for composers

If you are a Canadian composer who has written for solo trombone (with any accompaniment), trombone ensemble, or chamber ensemble featuring the trombone, make sure your work is included, and increase the exposure of your music for trombone! This will be an indispensable resource that allows performers, educators and students to discover and learn about any work in the Canadian trombone repertoire, which will result in more frequent performances of this music, and perhaps even stimulate the composition of new works.

Eligibility: Any Canadian citizen (by birth or naturalization), or permanent resident (i.e., landed immigrant).

Please provide information via the submission form, or send information and/or scores by email to

Even if your work already appears in my list, please contact me anyway. I would like to have your contact information if I need more details.

Existing Resources:

List of Canadian Compositions for Trombone

My interest in performing new music has led me to search for more trombone repertoire written by Canadian composers. Searches of the Canadian Music Centre library, and composers' websites have turned up more pieces than I had ever anticipated, proving that Canadian music is indeed alive and well. I hope this list will provide a valuable resource to help other trombonists expand their repertoire.

Canadian solo trombone recital repertoire: An annotated bibliography

My doctoral dissertation: a comprehensive examination of 135 selected works from the list above (music for unaccompanied trombone, and music for trombone and piano, composed from 1952 to 2012).

Discography of Canadian Classical Trombone CDs

This list includes CDs featuring Canadian compositions and trombonists, and is an extension of my larger Discography of Classical Trombone CDs.

Tips for Composers Writing for the Trombone

I can't estimate the number of times I have been presented with a trombone part where the writing is decidedly non-idiomatic. It has inspired me to prepare some helpful suggestions for composers who may be interested in writing effectively for the trombone.

Pine Grove Music

Looking for interesting new works for trombone? I started this publishing business to promote some great Canadian trombone music.